Season 1, Episode 2
Withdrawal - The Mist
Air date June 29, 2017
Written by Christian Torpe (story)

Peter Macmanus (teleplay)

Directed by Adam Bernstein
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Withdrawal is the second episode of The Mist.


The Mist has settled over town as Eve, Alex, and other mallgoers try to manage the rising panic. Meanwhile, Kevin, Adrian, Mia, and Jonah venture out into the mist to get to Kevin's family.


With the Mist settling in over the town. Everyone is separated from each other and no one knows what’s going on.

Nick asks Mia if she sees anything outside, but the Mist is too thick. Adrian nervously chews his nails, and Bryan tells Nick about the dog. None of that explains what happened to the dead deputy. Nick needs to get to the mall because that’s where his family is. Adrian and Bryan immediately agree to follow him, with Mia eventually agreeing so as to not be left on her own. The only problem is that Connor took the car and abandoned them at the police station.

Connor drives through the Mist, being super careful not to hit anything, when a giant moose steps in front of the car. The car is completely wrecked and Connor is left to walk to the church.

Father Romanov asks Nathalie what happened, and she explains that her husband was shot and killed by a man in the Mist.

At the mall, Kyle and Gus Bradley the mall manager ask Eve what she saw when the woman ran outside. Eve says her jaw was missing and something dragged her further into the Mist. Raj, Vic and Ted look outside wondering what happened to her. Gus tries to convince everyone to stay safe by locking the doors. Alex wants to help, only because she can’t stand being near Jay.

Father Romanov tells Connor about Nathalie’s husband. He’s not shocked by the news, having been out there himself. Nathalie sobs and Romanov comforts her.

Mia finds some drugs in the evidence room at the station. Bryan finds her and she lies and says she’s looking for car keys. She admits she’s scared and the drugs might take the edge off. She doesn’t want to be left behind. If Bryan promises to help her, she won’t need the drugs.

Alex wonders if it’s safe being near the windows as they secure the doors. Eve says they’ll be fine and she approaches the door herself, locking it with no problem. As they walk away, they find a hallway filled with Mist and a body. And blood. Gus has Eve show him which hallway on the map, and one of the other mallgoers says there is a radio in the security wing. Unfortunately, that’s in the same hallway.

Raj, Jay, Kyle and Gus look at the hallway. They can’t see anything but Mist. Alex remembers that there is a drone in the electronics store. It has a camera on it.

ay knows how to fly the drone. It goes down the hall and they see that the Security Office door is closed. They check the other doors and see that the Mist is coming in through an open window. There’s a dead body there, with three letters written in blood. The mallgoers can’t decide if it says ARR or ANN. Gus suggests they send someone in to get the radio. He doesn’t want to do it himself and thinks they should do a lottery to decide who goes. Gus points out that they’re all stuck and someone needs to keep things going inside the mall. Drawing lots is the only way.

As they drive along, Mia stops when a man jumps in front of the car and pulls a gun on her, demanding that they hand over the car. Bryan grabs his gun, but Mia runs him over and drives off. She’s going too fast and the car flips. They’re all ok, but they’re exposed in the middle of the Mist. Kevin kicks open the door and they decide they need to run. They can hear the church bells so they decide to run for the church. Mia goes back for the guns and she stops when she sees the elderly woman she’d gone to visit earlier. She knows the woman isn’t real. The woman tells her she’s suffering from withdrawal. Bryan grabs her and pulls her away.

Kevin and Adrian run into the church, and Romanov goes to meet him. Bryan and Mia come inside, and Connor appears and demands to know why Kevin let his prisoners go. He handcuffs Mia, and Kevin demands answers. Connor left seventeen year old Adrian behind. Connor insists he was under attack, so he fled. Romanov wants to know what’s out there, but no one has answers.

Eve gets the short stick, and Alex starts to panic when she realizes her mom is going to go. Clint offers to go with her. He’s the one who knew about the radio. Gus shows them the way, and Eve hugs Alex and says it will be ok. She wants Alex to stay with Kimi until she returns. She tells Alex how much she loves her.

Kevin tells Nathalie, his neighbour, that he’s sorry to hear about her husband. She is lost without him and doesn’t know what to do. She tells Kevin that if the bees die, humans will only last for four years. He reminds her that the bees are still there, and that her husband is there is spirit. She says there is only “here” and “not here.”

Clint and Alex head to the Security Office, passing the door smeared with blood and the body on the floor. They break into a run until they reach the office, where Clint finds the radio. Thankfully, the battery still works and he is able to turn it on.

Mia is going through withdrawals. Bryan reminds her that she said she wasn’t a junkie, and she reminds him that he promised to help her. She describes what it’s like going through the withdrawals, and she says it’s like holding your breath and it’s the moment before you allow yourself to take a breath. He says he’s sorry, and she says she hallucinated when she saw someone she used to know, but she’s dead. That’s a side effect. Bryan looks concerned.

Clint starts calling on all of the frequencies, then he calls “Arrowhead” and says it’s “Shadow 41.” He wants a report, and she suggests that they take the radio back with them. He says it’s staying there, and they aren’t leaving. She sees his gun and wonders who he is. She attacks him, thinking him to be responsible for what’s happening. He starts fighting back, and she manages to take his gun and shoot him. She runs back to the mall, horrified. She’s sobbing when she gets back, the gun in her hand.

Father Romanov looks for food in the cupboard when Link comes in. He’s hoping that they have a service later on because the town hears God through Romanov’s voice. Romanov says they need food first. After everyone has a plate, he offers a prayer.

Gus sees Eve and everyone gathers around her. She says she lost him in the hallway and then she found him, dead. The radio wasn’t working. She hugs Alex, then she goes to talk with Gus. She points out the strangers who had been with Clint, noting that they had just showed up that day.

Adrian asks Kevin what they’ll do for the night. He asks about Alex, and Kevin assures him that she’s ok. His parents are ok, too, but he notes that Adrian didn’t mention them. Nathalie has gone into the church office to find the holy wine. She wants to offer a prayer to her late husband. She tells everyone that they met in their early 20s, and they were hippies. They made spaghetti and cheap wine. They always drank cheap wine even when they had money. She wants everyone to drink in Benedict’s memory. The bottle is passed around, and Bryan takes it to Mia, who gulps it down. Connor takes the bottle before Adrian drinks, citing underage drinking. He tells Kevin he should know better, knowing what it can lead to.

That night the people in the mall go to sleep in the lobby. Eve has the gun tucked under her jacket as Alex sleeps beside her. Nathalie is awake at the church, thinking of her husband. Bryan tells Mia that he saw the old lady in the Mist. He heard her call Mia “Baby Doll.” Jay wanders the mall, then he goes into the bathroom to wash his hands. He sees the newcomers there. A woman and man .They’re dead, hanging from a pipe to Jay's horror.