One of the nocturnal creatures of the mist, Pterobuzzards are pterodactyl-like creatures and the predators of Scorpion-Flies. While Pterobuzzards will only attack humans if they get very close or there is no other food source, they appear to attack and devour Scorpion-Flies on sight.



A flock of Pterobuzzards follow a swarm of Scorpion-Flies to the grocery store at night and pluck them off the windows and then devour them.

Eventually, one break one of the front store windows open when plucking the Scorpion-Flies off, and enters the store, where it kills and devours Tom Smalley when it lands on him. David then attacks the Pterobuzzard with a torched mop, setting it ablaze. The Pterobuzzard then flies around the store until it eventually succumbs to its burns.


Mist Bird

A Pterobuzzard before attacking Tom Smalley

The Pterobuzzards' history before the point where a window is broken is the same.

When plucking a Scorpion-Fly from one of the display windows, a Pterobuzzard accidentally breaks the window open.

Soon after, another Pterobuzzard follows the Scorpion-Flies through the broken window into the store, and flies rampant throughout the store, eating the Scorpion-Flies.

A second Pterobuzzard enters through the broken window, fallng onto Tom Smalley and eating a chunk of flesh from his neck, killing him. David soon after uses a torched mop to set the second Pterobuzzard on fire, then beat it to death.

Ollie manages to shoot the remaining Pterobuzzard in the wing once it eats the last Scorpion-Fly, disabling its flight. The Pterobuzzard sees Billy, and is about to attack him as its next meal, when David drags a petrified Billy out of the way.

Ollie then shoots the Pterobuzzard from behind in the head, killing it.


Bird Art

Early art of the Pterobuzzard from the film


The Pterobuzzards are albino creatures, described as nightmarish and pterodactyl-like with long, membranous wings and a heavy hooked beak.


in the film, the Pterobuzzards have dark-pinkish skin, pale-grey eyes, double-jointed legs and four pterodactyl-like wings (two in place of arms, two on their backs).


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