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Oliver "Ollie" Weeks
Oliver "Ollie" Weeks
Born: September 17, 1962 (aged 45)
Deceased (Rip in half by the Archin Lobster)
Unnamed sister
Unnamed niece

Arguably retaining more of his sanity than any of the other survivors during the mist phenomenon, Oliver Weeks is the assistant manager of the Grocery Store. He was killed by an Arachni-Lobster during the escape from the market.


Ollie lived up on Highland Lake and appears to be afraid of girls. He also stated that he fought in Vietnam. When the Mist appears and spreads across Bridgton, Ollie tries to keep the store patrons calm, and is one of the few, along with David, to suspect that the mist contains something dangerous.

Ollie after Norm's death.

When Jim, Norm and Myron contemplate sending Norm out to unblock the generator's exhaust, Ollie supports David's caution of something in the Mist, but is unable to convince the other three otherwise. After Norm is killed by a swarm of the Tentacles from Planet X as a result, and David lashed out at Jim/Myron, Ollie manages to calm David down, and supports David when he tries to warn the people in the market of the creatures in the Mist. Ollie also stands up to Bud in the process and frequently proves his sanity and bravery.

Ollie wields Amanda's gun as the best shooter in David's group. On the second day of the disaster, Ollie is part of the expedition to the King's Pharmacy, and one of the few survivors.

Ollie moments before shooting a Pterobuzzard.

On the third day, when Mrs. Carmody tries to sacrifice Billy and Amanda, Ollie reluctantly shoots Mrs. Carmody to prevent a massacre. Moments later, Ollie is attacked by an Arachni-Lobster during the escape from the market and is ripped in half.

Differences Between the Novella and Film[]

  • In the novella, when the Tentacles from Planet X attack Norm, Ollie just stands stiffened with shock like Jim and Myron. In the film, Ollie tries to help David save Norm, first by helping stop Norm being dragged out, then by unsuccessfully attempting to severe a Tentacle with a fire axe.
  • In the novella, Ollie only shoots Mrs. Carmody once, in the abdomen, and lets her bleed to death, whereas in the film, after the shot to the abdomen, Ollie shoots her in the head to finish her off.

    Ollie's death.

    In the movie script, Ollie intended to shoot her only one time and let her suffer a slow death, but as David and his group were passing her by, she managed to yell out an order to her followers kill David's group one last time, causing Ollie to immediately shoot her again to kill her once and for all.
  • In the novella, the Arachni-Lobster apparently kills Ollie by ripping him in half with its claws, but in the film, from what can be seen through the mist, the creature seems to instead kill Ollie by biting off his upper-body.


David Drayton[]

David and Ollie were good friends and got along well. In the first half of the film, Ollie seems to instill a sense of calm and reason in David when he feels rage.

Bud Brown[]

Initially, Bud regarded Ollie without respect and threatened to fire him for drinking on the job. However, during the phenomenon, Ollie calmly and firmly stood up to Bud when he had to. Despite this, when Ollie decided to leave the market, Bud did say that he did not blame Ollie.

Mrs. Carmody[]

Ollie didn't believe in Mrs. Camody's cult beliefs and shot her to prevent her cult from sacrificing David and his group, although reluctantly.