Nathalie Raven
Nathalie Raven
Caucasian American
Benedict Raven (husband)

Nathalie Raven is one of the main characters in The Mist television show, played by Frances Conroy.


Nathalie lives in Bridgeville, Maine, and is a modern day ecological martyr and acts as a herald for the primal forces of nature. Nathalie has little knowledge, but a lot of faith. Nathalie believes her theory of nature about the Black Spring, and garners a large following in the church, strengthened after the Mist killed Father Romanov but appeared to spare her. However, it soon became clear that Nathalie was unhinged, burning the church to the ground and listening remorselessly to the screams of the trapped people inside it. She manipulates Connor Heisel and converts him to her way of mind, using him to forcibly sacrifice his son Jay to the Mist, believing that his death will cause the Mist to disappear.

Death Edit

When the Mist is let into the mall, Nathalie is one of the many killed in the chaos. The Mist takes the form of her deceased husband Benedict, who approaches Natalie carrying a dead baby, which can be assumed to be Nathalie's miscarried child. The baby suddenly awakes and cries, and she starts breastfeeding the baby, which appears to drain the life from her, causing her to age at a rapid pace. As her face becomes emaciated and skull-like, she slumps into 'Benedict', who lays her gently down upon the mall floor where she dies peacefully.

Appearances: 10/10  Edit

  • Pilot
  • Withdrawal
  • Show and Tell
  • Pequod
  • The Waiting Room   
  • The Devil You Know  
  • Over The River and Through The Woods  
  • The Law of Nature 
  • The Waking Dream 
  • The Tenth Meal  


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