King's Pharmacy is a pharmacy in Bridgton, Maine, and is, along with the Grocery Store, part of an outdoor mall. As the doors had been propped wide open to let in the breeze, when the Mist spread across Bridgton, the creatures in the Mist picked up the smell of the pharmacy's patrons. As a result, the pharmacy was attacked and overrun by Gray Widowers, killing almost all the patrons and using the pharmacy as a nest.


  • The pharmacy's name is presumably a reference to Stephen King, author of the novella.
  • The MP was the only confirmed patron in the pharmacy that was not killed by the Gray Widowers, instead being used as a host for their eggs (In a similar matter to how Tarantula Hawks use Tarantulas), however when David and his group arrived it was already too late, and the Gray Widowers began to hatch, killing the MP in the process.