Joe Eagleton
Joe Eagleton
Jack Hurst
Unspecified (Early 30s to Early 40s)
Bobby Eagleton (brother)

Joe Eagleton is a member of David's group and the brother of Bobby Eagleton. He only appeared in the film.


Joe and his brother, Bobby, are among the Grocery Store patrons who are trapped inside when the Mist engulfs the town outside.

He and his brother are among the first people who try to stop Brent Norton and his group from leaving of the supermarket.

During the first night of the phenomenon, Joe is the second one to see Sally die, horrified and then trips over a bucket of lighter fluid, covering himself in it, and then drops a torched mop in the lighter fluid, setting him on fire. Using fire extinguishers, the flames on Joe are extinguished, but not before they horribly burn him.


Joe after he is burnt.

Joe begs David and Ollie to shoot him and end his agony, but they simply ask him to stay with them a little longer. The next day, after the failed expedition by David's group to the King's Pharmacy nextdoor, Joe dies of his burns as is too late for any medicine to help.