This article is about the creatures from the end of the film. For the spider-like creatures in both the novella and the film, see Gray Widower.
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The spider creatures' burning corpses (to the left and right of the military rescue convoy).

The Giant Spider Creatures are large, spider-like creatures, much like Gray Widowers, but each about the size of a car. Only their burning corpses appeared in the film.


When the mist clears to reveal a convoy of military vehicles, soldiers, and survivors driving through a road in a forest, the burning corpses of these creatures are seen at the edges of the road. It can be presumed that they attacked the convoy due to the survivors' unmasked scent, but were easily incinerated by the soldiers' flamethrowers.

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From what can be seen, these creatures look much like Gray Widowers, except they are each about the size of a car. It is likely that they are simply a more mature stage in the Gray Widowers' life cycle.