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Dodie Brown
Unspecified (Mid to Late 30s)

This woman is a follower of Mrs. Carmody and has a young daughter with her. In the end credits of the film, she is credited as "Screaming Woman."


The woman and her daughter are among the patrons trapped in the Grocery Store when the Mist engulfs the town outside. She tries her very best to protect her daughter from what is happening outside. She allows Mrs. Carmody, a total stranger, to touch her daughter on the face though.

On the first night of the phenomenon, when Scorpion-Flies and Pterobuzzards break into the store, Ollie accidentally points the gun at the woman and her daughter while trying to shoot a Pterobuzzard, prompting them to scream. She becomes a follower of Mrs. Carmody after the pharmacy expedition the next day.

After becoming a follower, the woman does questionable actions, including allowing her young daughter to watch Private Jessup's sacrifice. She doing nothing to shield the little girl from seeing the murder, and abandons her to go to the front of the store to watch him get killed.

When Mrs. Carmody's followers attempt to sacrifice Billy and Amanda, she allows her daughter to watch and cheers on them until Ollie shoots Mrs. Carmody, upon which the woman grabs her daughter and runs to the far end of the store. She is not seen watching David's group drive off.

Since people from the market are very briefly glimpsed aboard the rescue trucks at the end, it can be assumed that the woman and her daughter were both rescued.


  • Actress Dodie Brown's real-life daughter, Taylor, played the woman's daughter in the film.