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Kim Wall
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This woman is a follower of Mrs. Carmody and is one of her most loyal followers. In the end credits of the film, she is credited as "Terrified Woman."


The woman is among the patrons trapped in the Grocery Store when the Mist appears and engulfs the town outside. She is shy, very easily scared, and is extremely terrified of what is happening outside.

She is seen listening to Mrs. Carmody's preaching throughout the first day of the phenomenon, suggesting that during that time, Mrs. Carmody has already at least gained her attention (or the two had a friendship prior to the disaster). On the first night of the phenomenon, after Scorpion-Flies and Pterobuzzards break into the store, the woman points out to David Drayton that Mrs. Carmody had predicted that the creatures would come at night and kill someone, and becomes a follower of her, believing that she provides sanctuary.

She also becomes very close to Mrs. Carmody, follows her wherever she goes, and, like Jim and another patron, is one of her most loyal and dedicated followers. She fully supports Mrs. Carmody's actions and is always right beside her.

Three days into the disaster, when Mrs. Carmody's followers attempt to sacrifice Billy and Amanda, she cheers on them until Ollie shoots Mrs. Carmody, upon which the horrified woman screams and hides behind a checkout counter, then gasps in horror after Mrs. Carmody is killed.

She is very briefly seen watching David's group drive off with a guilty and worried look on her face. This suggests that she snapped back to reality, is guilty over what she had done, and is very fearful about the future, including the possibility of the creatures breaking into the store and finishing everyone off once and for all, and the potential consequences of her actions (as well as the actions of everyone else) if the Mist clears and normal conditions return.

The woman was apparently rescued from the market and is very briefly glimpsed aboard one of the rescue trucks at the end.


  • The woman also appeared in the novella, described as a "summer lady" who was listening to Mrs. Carmody's preaching early on. The novella version had no lines, but the movie version had her speaking only one line.
  • Actress Kim Wall was reportedly given the role of the Unnamed Mother, while Melissa McBride was given Kim's role. Both roles were eventually switched.
  • In the very early stages of filming, the woman was named Denise in the cast list, but her name was then changed to "Terrified Woman" later on. It is unknown whether the woman's name really is Denise.