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Tiffany Morgan
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This woman is a follower of Mrs. Carmody and is one of her most loyal followers. In the end credits of the film, she is credited as "Woman #2."


The woman is among the patrons trapped in the Grocery Store when the Mist appears and engulfs the town outside. She becomes a follower of Mrs. Carmody right after the Scorpion-Flies and Pterobuzzards break into the store. She also becomes very close to Mrs. Carmody, follows her wherever she goes, and, like Jim and another patron, is one of her most loyal and dedicated followers.

She fully supports Mrs. Carmody's actions and is always right beside her. Two days into the disaster, when David Drayton and several others prepare to go to the nextdoor pharmacy for supplies and Mrs. Carmody protests, the woman supports her, and then restrains and calms her down when Irene sends Mrs. Carmody into a rage. She does not participate in the murder of Jessup or the attempted murder of David's group the next day.

She cheers on Mrs. Carmody as the followers attempt to sacrifice Billy and Amanda, but when Ollie shoots her, the woman immediately hides and screams in horror after Mrs. Carmody is shot in the head. As David's group pass her by, the furious woman, enraged and grief-stricken over Mrs. Carmody's death, yells at Ollie, calling him a murderer, but he ignores her and shoots her a look. She is heard sobbing over Mrs. Carmody's death afterward.

She is seen watching David's group leave with a very angry look on her face, suggesting that she did not snap back to reality, is still devoted to Mrs. Carmody and believes her preachings, and is very upset over the fact that any chance at avenging her is gone and that the unbelievers, especially Ollie (as she is apparently unaware of his demise), are escaping and getting away with killing Mrs. Carmody.

The woman was apparently rescued from the market and is very briefly glimpsed aboard one of the rescue trucks at the end. However, her face is not clearly visible, so it is unknown how she feels about finally being rescued and realizing that Mrs. Carmody was wrong all along.


  • The woman also appeared in the novella, described as a "Summer lady" who was listening to Mrs. Carmody's preaching early on. Both the novella and film versions of her were given the same lines.
  • In the very early stages of filming, the woman was named Tess in the cast list, but her name was then changed to "Woman #2" later on. It is unknown whether or not the woman's name really is Tess.