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Cashier #2 is a young cashier Sally's age who worked at the Food House. She only appeared in the film.


The young woman, whose name was never revealed and had no lines in the movie, was trapped inside it along with the patrons and the rest of the store's staff when the mist engulfs the town outside. She had reddish-brown shoulder-length hair and is seen multiple times in the movie.

The cashier is one of the very few people who remained neutral, siding with neither Mrs. Carmody, nor David Drayton.

Shortly before Private Jessup's lynching, however, the cashier is briefly seen with Mrs. Carmody's congregation, but is not praying, paying attention, or saying "Expiation." This could mean that she was thinking about becoming a follower or actually was part of the congregation for a period ot time, but after Jessup's death, she is not seen with the congregation, suggesting that the horror of what had happened drove her away from the cult.

She is not seen the next morning when Mrs. Carmody and her group attempt to stop David's group, but she is seen watching David's group drive off.

Since people from the market are very briefly glimpsed aboard the rescue trucks at the end, it can be assumed that the cashier was rescued.