Brenton "Brent" Norton
Brent Norton
Born: July 1, 1948 (aged 59)
Caucasian-American (novella)
African-American (film)
Unknown (Presumably Deceased)

Brenton Norton is the Draytons' neighbor and the leader of the group of people who refused to believe in the creatures in the Mist. His fate is unknown in either the novella or the film.


He apparently developed a bitter relationship with his neighbour, David Drayton, due to a property dispute over Norton's pine tree in 1977 (presumably 2004 in the film). In November, Brent's wife, Carla Norton, died of cancer.

The morning after a freak electrical storm, Norton drives into town with his neighbors David and Billy to the local grocery store, and witnesses the Mist engulf the town outside the market.

Later, when David tries to explain the attack on Norm by the Tentacles from Planet X to him, Brent refuses to believe that there is anything in the mist, and believes that David, Ollie, Jim and Myron are simply trying to get back at him for the property dispute.

Norton's denial that there are any dangerous creatures in the Mist later costs him when he gathers a small group of other people in denial, and goes out into the Mist with them in find help.

After Norton and his group travel 200-250 feet through the Mist from the store, they are attacked by a large, unseen creature. Norton's fate, and that of each of his followers, is unknown.


David Drayton

Brent and David had a mutual grudge due to the property dispute over Norton's tree, and had a way of casually expressing their dislike for one another on a small scale. When David drove Brent into town, Norton was shown in the film to be thankful for this, but when he mistakenly believed that David was trying to get back at him for the lawsuit, this instantly changed. He began taunting and angering David, and even became violent towards him when their argument over the Tentacles from Planet X got forceful.

Stephanie Drayton

Brent appeared to be attracted to Stephanie, and stared at her breasts twice.

Jim Grondin

Brent regarded Jim and Myron as little more than hicks, and strongly disliked Jim for talking about him behind his back.

Myron LaFleur

Brent regarded Jim and Myron as little more than "a couple hicks".

Carla Norton

Brent did not treat his wife well, but was still left depressed when she died.