Brian Libby
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This biker escorted Norton's group out into the Mist. He only appeared in the film.


The biker is among the grocery store patrons who are trapped inside when the Mist appears and engulfs the town outside. At first, he is one of the people who refuses to believe David and Ollie's story of Norm's death by the Tentacles from Planet X, but is convinced otherwise when David shows him a severed Tentacle in the loading dock.

When Norton and his group are about to leave the market, the biker chooses to head out with them and get Ambrose Cornell's shotgun, as he believes that Norton is arrogant and "a little too tightly wound." He also ties a clothesline around his waist to tell the remaining people at the market when they get more than 300 feet through the mist. The biker follows Norton's group out into the mist, following close behind.

Biker in Mist

The biker follows Norton's group into the Mist.

However, after travelling about 200 feet through the Mist, the biker is attacked and killed by a large, unseen creature (possibly an Arachni-Lobster), and the people in the market are only able to drag the lower half of his bisected body away from the creature and back to the store.

The lower half of the biker's body is left outside the market, and on the first night of the disaster, it is dragged off and presumably eaten by a nocturnal, unseen creature.


  • In the movie's original script, the biker was named "Sonny Jim" and had a much bigger role.